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Probiotics for IBS

There has been a lot of talk about good and bad bacteria for quite sometime now and most of us know a bit about it. However when you start hearing about prebiotics and the use of probiotics for IBS it begins to get a little confusing as to what these bugs actually are and what they do that is so great!

I came across a great video explaining in easy to understand language what probiotics are and why they are useful supplement for promoting a healthy bowel. Have a look.

Probiotics Explained

So why take probiotics for IBS?

Let me make it clear that as far as I am aware there have not been any specific clinical trials or studies on the effectiveness of probiotics in general for irritable bowel syndrome however, having said that, there has been research with one particular strain of probiotic called Bifidobacterium infantis and results showed that patients with IBS did experience a significant reduction in some of their IBS symptoms (gas, bloating and some abdominal pain) so it does look as if it might be worth trying as a treatment.

One thing I found out though was that probiotics might not be good for anyone with a weak immune system or suffering from any serious chronic illness. Its best to check with your doctor first.


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