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Yoga for IBS

Yoga is a great relaxation tool that can be practised easily at home. The concept behind yoga is to bring about total balance in your mind, body and soul. Using yoga for IBS is recommended because it is particularly effective at helping to relieve stress and therefore stress related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

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One of the first things you learn in yoga is the importance of your breath and how to breathe properly. Here are some tips:

  • put your hand on your tummy
  • when you breathe your hand should move up and down – not your chest
  • breathing from your abdomen enables you to breathe more deeply and slowly
  • as you breathe in count to 3 and then hold your breath – breathe in through your nose
  • try to breathe out slowly as you count to at least 6 – breathe out through your mouth with your lips puckered as though carefully blowing a bubble
  • Breathing in this way automatically relaxes and calms the body especially the abdominal region which is great as this is the site of irritable bowel symptoms.

    There are many yoga poses and here are a few that are particularly helpful for IBS. If you want to see what these poses look like have a look at this site.

    Yoga Poses for IBS

    1. Jathara Parivritta – this is also known as the revolved twist. It is a good pose for all your internal organs and also for relaxing any tension in your back. When my IBS pain is bad I often get back ache with it and so this pose certainly helps me.

    • Start by lying down on your back. Gentely lift up your buttocks and position them to the left by roughly two hand widths and carefully put them down again.
    • Next, lift up your knees and feet then roll them over to the right until they are both resting on the floor next to the right hand side of your body. (Its best if you have a right angle at your hip and knee joints).
    • Now lift up your head and look over your left shoulder. Stay in this position for about 4 to 6 breaths. Remember to breathe from your abdomen, relaxing every muscle when you breathe out.
    • Roll back to the center and adjust your body so that it is resting and balanced again.
    • Now repeat the above this time moving to the left – your head will now turn to look over your right shoulder.
    • When finished relax in the resting position.

    2. Apanasana -this pose can help aid digestion by regulating it and therefore may be beneficial for both diarrhea and constipation symptoms.

    • Start  by lying on your back in a resting position. Lift your feet off of the floor and move your thighs to a vertical position.
    • Now put your hands on your knees and leaving your head on the floor, breathe out slowly as you bring your knees towards your body.
    • While doing this try to use your abdominal muscles to move your knees and your hands helping a bit towards the end.
    • As you breathe in, gently let your knees move back to the starting position and at the same time bring your arms over your head onto the floor behind you.

    Some other yoga poses you might like to try are;

    Vajra Asana – also known as the diamond or thunderbolt – helps digetion

    Uttana Asana – also known as the standing forward bend helps to stimulate the liver and kidneys

    Ardha Matsyendrasana – also known as the twist pose also helps to stimulate the liver and kidneys

    I’m sure there will be other poses that are helpful too so getting a book on yoga for IBS would be a good investment!

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