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Natural IBS Treatments

Having suffered with irritable bowel syndrome for over 20 years I was officially diagnosed roughly two years ago. One of the medicines I was told about was Colofac but it didn’t have any effect on me – maybe because I took it when I had IBS pain rather than taking it as a precaution but I didn’t like the thought of taking medication regularly and potentially unnecessarily so I started finding out about alternative IBS remedies and finally began educating myself on what natural IBS treatments were available. You can read details of my diagnosis and elimination diet by visiting the relevant categories found on the sidebar – I shall be updating this as I go along and learn more and more about natural techniques and treatments effective at relieving IBS symptoms.

When researching on the internet for IBS treatments you often see statements such as “stop IBS now” or “cure for IBS”. They obviously sound great and when you are really suffering with an irritable bowel you can easily get sucked into believing that you can make it all go away. Well my own experience has not been quite that simple and so this blog is about my personal journey discovering various natural IBS treatments – ones I have tried and that I find effective and ones that other IBS sufferers swear by.

4 Main Natural IBS Treatments

These are the areas I shall be focusing on:

Relaxation – yoga, meditation, relaxation music, breathing techniques, swimming

IBS Diet & Food – elimination diet, testing foods, stimulants, irritants

Hypnotherapy – relaxing the gut, deep relaxation, stressful thoughts, bathroom fears

Supplements – aloe vera juice in various forms, peppermint oil

natural irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Best Natural IBS Treatments

For me I find that a combination of natural remedies work best on a normal day to day basis. Relaxation and diet being the most effective at the moment.

Once you have irritable bowel syndrome you never get rid of it but you can learn to control it. I hope that this website natural IBS treatment will be able to offer you a source of support and information on ways to relieve your IBS symptoms and control your bowel movements.

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