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What is Hypnotherapy for IBS?

If you ask someone what their first thought is when you say hypnotherapy a lot of people will immediately think of hypnosis shows they’ve seen on TV and remembering someone from the audience doing embarrassing stuff and knowing they definitely would NOT want that to happen to them! Therefore the idea of hypnotherapy is treated with caution and not seen as a proven aid for medical treatment.

When my dietitian first mentioned to me that IBS hypnotherapy would be a great next step in my quest to control irritable bowel syndrome I was very nervous! However I decided to find as much as possible about it before making a final decision.

Hypnotherapy Concerns

One of my biggest concerns was whether I would be in control while under hypnosis. In fact you are in total control. While in a hypnotic state you are still able to think and react if need be. If something required your immediate attention you would react accordingly and be fully conscious. Your hynotherapist is guided by you and you decide and create the visualisations that are personal to you. Obviously you should make sure that you have a reputable and professionally qualified hynotherapist first.

During hypnosis you are able to go through or rehearse any situation in a calm relaxed way so that when you are faced in that situation you feel natural and relaxed. In the same way you can visualise your gut being calm, relaxed, functioning and contracting normally.

However, the main concept behind using hynotherapy for IBS is that when you are relaxed the flow of blood to your gut improves and this in turn improves your overall digestion and therefore the movement of any food through your bowel. When you are stressed the blood flow to your gut gets restricted and goes to your major organs to prepare you for your fight or flight response. This is why stress is such a big triggar for IBS symptoms.

I have now had a course of IBS hynotherapy and would recommend it to anyone with irritable bowel syndrome. You will learn how to totally relax and experience a calm gut. If you would rather practise hynotherapy at home then IBS Audio Program is a reputable site that provides a course for you to use at home.

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