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Seeing the dietitian

The dietitian said that many IBS sufferers can control their symptoms by a change in diet. People who suffer primarily with diarrhea (like me!) should remove all high fibre foods (wholemeal, skins, pips, nuts, seeds, certain fruit & vegetables). For people with constipation they should basically have more of the high fibre foods.

The plan was that I would spend 3 months following this recommendation keeping a diary of symptoms and food eaten for each day. So that’s what I did.

After 3 months my symptoms were so much better, although I still suffered at least once a week with pain or loose stools. For me that was a big improvement so I didn’t mind eating such a restrictive diet.

When I next saw the dietitian (a different one this time) we looked at my diary for the previous 2 weeks and her comment was “you are a classic IBS sufferer – you eat a bland diet because it feels safe”. She had hit the nail on the head and I was so pleased that someone finally understood how I felt. I was also able to explain how it wasn’t until about 10am each morning that I would know if that was a good or bad day and I would feel nervous about going anywhere until that time just in case.

Apparently it is common for IBS symptoms to be worse upon waking and also many women find it worse whilst having their monthly period.

I’m now almost up to date with this blog! I have just started a major elimination diet – this time I add food items one by one! The idea is that there may only be 10 specific food items that aggravate my IBS and if I can eliminate them my diet will become more varied than it is at present. For example not every high fibre food may be a problem only some, maybe not all dairy is bad etc. I am encouraged by this and so have started this process – I expect it to take me the best part of a year! Each item is added for 3 days and if at any stage I have a reaction I must stop eating that item and not add the next item until I have had a whole day free of symptoms.

To start off with I have to eat just organic chicken, white rice, bottled water and pears for 2 weeks. I can also have sugar, honey, sunflower oil, salt and herbs.

I have been doing this for over a week now and all symptoms have totally gone! A few more days to go…….

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