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Endoscopy Is It Celiacs?

The consultant was just like Stephen Fry – I took to him straight away! He was almost certain it was celiacs disease. Apparently the antibody test that doctors perform is not very accurate and so to be absolutely sure it is best to have a camera down to look at the intestinal lining and take a sample. You can be lightly sedated or have an anaesthetic throat spray for the endoscopy. I opted for the throat spray as the nurse reckoned it was less likely to make me gag!

I am not going into the detail of the procedure as it is something I have tried to forget! If I ever have to have it done again I shall opt for the sedation! (Saying that, other people have said just the opposite!). Anyway the guy who did the endoscopy was looking and said “oh typical celiac disease”. So I left believing that I didn’t have IBS it was in fact celiac disease. I started looking at sites about it and getting recipes books from the library. In fact I was really pleased because it is so easy to sort it out – just stop eating gluten!

However, when I went back to the consultant the sample had shown that is wasn’t celiacs – there was damage to my intestinal wall but it wasn’t the type caused by gluten! Some people would have been pleased – I was devastated, gutted. I complained about the guy who had said it looked like typical celiacs and wanted to know what was the damage that they could see. The damage was irrelevant and wouldn’t explain my lack of iron absorption – end of story!

So the next step was a colonoscopy.

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