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Colonoscopy Its Not That Bad!

I wasn’t bothered too much about having a colonoscopy – I was looking forward to seeing my insides on the screen! Unfortunately the bad part is having to totally empty the bowels using an extremely fierce laxative! The day before the colonoscopy I had to take some laxative and I stayed next to the bathroom all day! Guess how many times I had to make a dash for it? 32 times! By the end it was coming out red so I phoned the hospital and they said not to worry and that it was probably inflammation and exactly what the colonoscopy procedure would be looking for!

The next day (feeling very thin and empty!) I had the procedure done under slight sedation and it was interesting to see the areas of inflammation. Also, what was strange was an area in the cecum (that’s a large bit by the appendix just after the small intestine) that was full of bubbles and “stuff” which they needed to rinse out. For me it confirmed visually the area where I get pain – also when I prod it there I can feel gas. The ultra scan had also shown this up – an area on the lower right hand side of my abdomen.

Two days later I had an appointment for a barium meal – which also required taking a laxative………

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