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Barium Meal More Laxatives!

The barium meal laxative was very gentle compared to the other one – fortunately! On arriving at the hospital I was given a white thick liquid to drink beforehand and after about 15 minutes they x-rayed my abdomen to see if any abnormalities could be seen. Depending on how quickly the barium meal has passed through the digestive system they often need to keep you there for a couple of hours! Well after 15 minutes they x-rayed me and my barium meal had already gone right through my digestive system! I wasn’t surprised as everything goes through me quickly – that’s part of my problem!!

Anyway there was nothing that showed up to indicate any significant problem. However, my intestines on the lower right hand side were bunched up and they couldn’t separate them out.

So off I went – straight to the loo! This time passing white stuff (sorry is that too graphic?).

The next appointment with the consultant gave me my diagnosis – I had a highly sensitive, aggravated gut! In other words irritable bowel syndrome!  So finally I knew for certain that my intestines were not happy and I’d seen physical evidence of it. That really helped me because when your IBS gets worse with stress you start to wonder if in fact its all in your head. At this point I was referred to a dietitian and the consultant suggested I take up yoga to help me relax which in turn would help my intestines to relax.

So I bought a yoga DVD and persuaded my friend to join me each week for a keep fit session! I have found it helpful especially the breathing advice and continue to practise it each week.

At this point my work situation, which had been very stressful and demanding for a prolonged period of time got even worse and I finally made the decision to leave. It is the best thing I have done and has undoubtedly helped my IBS situation. I now work at home and love it!

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