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Tomato Puree and IBS

Took a couple of days to get to normal after the last reaction with tapioca. Today I’m adding tomato – not the pips or skin so I’m adding tomato puree and sieved tomatoes. It really adds flavour to things – I had some minced beef and it really tasted nice. I hope this will be fine….

Day 3
Well thats good. Three days of tomato and I have had no symptoms at all so I’m really glad I can now add tomato puree to meals so give extra flavour. Tomorrow I’m adding cows milk. Now this should be interesting as I haven’t had any cows milk for ages. Milk, butter, cheese, cream and yoghurt must  be tested separately as they all have different amounts of lactose in. I already know that butter is fine for me so I’m really keen to test cows milk!

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