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Tapioca and IBS

I’m adding tapioca today. Tapioca starch seems to be put in most gluten free food so if I can have this then I can start having some gluten free bread and stuff.

Day 2
Wow I didn’t expect this. Had tapioca last night and then when I got up this morning I had really loose stools. I wasn’t convinced it was tapioca so I had some more for lunch…….. Four hours later I had awful stomach pains and then iffy bowels again. I’ll have to go on a detox now and talk to the dietitian about this when I next see her.

I did look up tapioca starch on the internet and it is a resistant starch – apparently these starches increase the natural movement of the gut and so is being put into food as it is good for you! Unfortunately for me and anyone else with diarrhea prone IBS it is bad news!! I do remember the dietitian mentioning this before and that it could be a problem. Crisps also have a certain amount of resistant starch but not a lot – fortunately!!

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