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Tap Water and IBS

Well for almost 2 weeks I have been IBS free! The dietitian says I can start to add items in. I have to add certain ones in a specific order (there’s 26 items on the official list) and others I can add as and when I like. Because all my symptoms have gone while just eating chicken, rice & pears it shows that my IBS is food related and the dietitian is certain I shall really benefit from this elimination diet.

So my first one to add is tap water! I added it after seeing the dietitian afew days ago. Up until now I’ve been drinking bottled water and using boiled water in cooking. Well the first evening I started having my IBS pain – this is the pain I get around the middle and on the lower right hand side. Its quite intense and eventually a physical band can be seen – its as if I’m wearing an invisible belt! Does anyone else get this type of symptom?
Anyway I had to stop drinking tap water and detox until the symptoms had gone. Not a great way to start!

I did phone the dietitian and she said it is unlikely that tap water is a problem since boiled tap water has been OK for me. It is the mineral content that can cause problems to some IBS sufferers and boiling the water doesn’t change that. She reckoned it was just a blip and unfortunate to happen the very first time I added something! Sometimes tap water can have bugs in it that aren’t bad for you but could cause discomfort if you have a poor immune system or a highly sensitive gut.

The dietitian suggested adding the next item on the list which is potato and then try tap water again later. Also she said to start taking a supplement to boost my immune system – I found a good one which contains prebiotics and probiotics too!

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  1. Karen says:

    Not sure how old this post is, but fyi… boiling actually does remove some chemicals from tap water, including chlorine. Perhaps you are sensitive to the chlorine in your tap water.

  2. kay says:

    Thats interesting. Not heard that before. Thanks for your input Karen.

  3. jesus says:

    yep i got the same problem too, when i drink tap water my irritable bowel syndrome happens; when i drink bottled water i’m okay – maybe checking with your doctor if she is wrong

  4. kay says:

    Thats interesting. I am OK with tap water now. It must have been something else or perhaps something funny in the water system at that time. I’m sorry you have to only drink bottled water.

  5. sunny says:

    What kind of supplement was it you were taking?

  6. kay says:

    I wasn’t taking a supplement. Just iron tablets.

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