Soya Milk and IBS

Well it took a few days for my stomach to calm down. Decided I wouldn’t bore you with each days details!
Organic chicken is so expensive I would really like to try adding non organic but it feels such a waste – its not as if I would be enjoying another food type! The next item on the official list is tea but I don’t like tea without milk so I decided to add soya milk today. I can’t add cows milk yet because that is on the official list later on.
I made a rice pudding with soya milk! Boy did it taste good! I think that is the first time in ages I have really enjoyed eating something. I went to my mums yesterday and she made a rice pudding for me – a proper one cooked in the oven (with soya milk of course!). Yummy!

I’ve been absolutely fine with soya milk. Really enjoying rice pudding – especially my mums! – and also ground rice pudding! Shame I can’t put jam in with it but I’m not grumbling! So tomorrow its tea! A nice cup of tea!

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