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Plain dark chocolate and IBS

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The first day of chocolate I felt fine – had 4 squares of plain chocolate (cote d’or is my favorite) and I really want some more……..Mustn’t binge though so I’m not having any more today.

The second day I started getting twinges on the lower RHS of my abdomen. Well today is the third day and already I am very tender on the lower RHS and if I stand up too quickly it is as if a knife is being put into my side I call this my “hernia” pain – I don’t have a hernia but I imagine this is the sort of pain you might get with one).

So I can’t have anymore chocolate. I spoke to the dietitian and she says to go on a detox for a week and then start again. It’s possible I added dark chocolate too soon after the coffee bean reaction. I shall test plain chocolate again at some point. I feel a bit fed up again now.

I saw the dietitian yesterday and she reckons very few people actually complete the elimination diet and do it properly so I am determined to be someone who does! Afterall its for my own benefit. Only another 2 pages of foods to go…….

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