Peas and IBS

I have added peas today. Didn’t add too many, just one portion, as they are high fibre and I already know fibre is a problem. I had them for dinner and am fine at the moment so I’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Day 2
Hmm. I can’t say I have had a reaction to peas but from going to the loo just once or twice a day today I have been 5 times! I have had some more peas for dinner though and shall see what happens tomorrow – maybe it was just one of those things.

Day 3
Well today has been a bad day. Frequent loose stools and pains – a definite reaction. I shall not have anymore peas and go on a detox. I have looked up some more information about peas and they are high in soluble fibre which I have found to be good for me up until now! Maybe its something to do with the fact that peas have a skin. Anyone else got a problem with peas.

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