Onions and IBS

As I said yesterday being high in fibre, onions could be a potential problem. I cut them out from my diet when I did the first test removing all high fibre foods but that doesn’t mean they are going to be problem. Anyway I added them today and I have had slight stomach pains but I shall have some more tomorrow as it doesn’t feel that bad.

Day 2
Well I think I spoke too soon. I have had a dramatic increase in stools today – they haven’t been loose but they haven’t been normal either! I spoke to the dietitian and she asked me how much onion I’d had – half of a medium sized onion.

Apparently the amount is significant. Some people can tolerate small amounts or dried onion powder so at some stage I have to test onions again but not until I have finished the official list or I’ll never get through it! So no more onions and its back to detox until all symptoms disappear.

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