Mixed Salad and IBS

I had an extra day eating “safe” foods to make sure I got rid of the bloated feeling that I got from the wheat.
My dietitian said that rather than test all type of salad (lettuce, herb leaves, etc.) it would make sense to test mixed salad first and if thats OK then I’ve saved a lot of time!! So I’m doing that today. I love mixed salad and really hope it will be OK. If ordinary lettuce is fine then I don’t see why other types wouldn’t be.
So far so good!

Day 3
Great! No problems with mixed salad which is lovely because I now feel I can eat more healthy food rich in vitiamins and minerals. Spinach is full of iron which for me is just what I need as my iron levels are low.
Next I think I’ll have a go at another type of meat – Lamb. Its not one of my favourites as it is quite fatty but once in a while its nice to have.

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