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Mackeral and IBS

Day 1
Today I added tinned mackerel. You can buy mackerel in sunflower oil, olive oil or brine so I can have any of those. I decided on olive oil though as I like the taste! Mackerel and rice – I really enjoyed this. I let the rice cool down and then eat it like a salad. Anyway all is fine thus far!

Day 3
Great! Mackerel is fine. That makes a real change to have fish. I need to add tomato at some point so then I can have mackerel in tomato sauce. Also lettuce would be nice to go with it……………. Anyway the next thing on my list is real coffee (coffee beans). I’m not really that bothered about this as I’m not too keen on real coffee – it’s abit too strong for me but I’ll give it a go!

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