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Eggs and IBS

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I had one day of IBS pain following the onion so its now 2 days later (I have to have a completely symptom free day before adding the next food).

So I am now adding egg.

Day 1
Today I am adding egg in the form of an omelet. So far I’ve been OK so I’ll have scrambled egg for breakfast tomorrow. It will make a change from rice cakes and honey! By the way you might be thinking that I could be having rice krispies with soya milk. Well I thought the same but when you look at the ingredients it contains barley and I haven’t added that in yet. I think gluten free rice krispies would be OK but I haven’t found any in my local supermarket.

Day 2
Well I enjoyed my scrambled eggs but an hour or so later I had to urgently go to the loo and it was not good. I have had to rush to the loo a few times today and have experienced stomach pains beforehand as well. The stools have been black too like tar. I’ve looked on the internet and eggs contain iron. As you might remember I am on iron tablets anyway and since starting this elimination diet my stools have been a normal colour! So I’m wondering if my body is unable to absorb the iron in egg?

I spoke to my dietitian (I can phone her anytime!) and she couldn’t explain why my stools had turned black but she was intrigued and thought my explanation might be valid. Also some people can tolerate just the yolk or the white of an egg or are OK when its just a small amount as in egg in something (like cakes!). So yet again its back to detox.

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