Cows milk and IBS

Day 1
I am really looking forward to today and adding cows milk. I’m feeling positive about this because butter is fine and who knows maybe cows milk will be as well!

I had whole cows milk in my tea (although I actually prefer soya milk in the tea now – cows milk removed the real taste of the tea!) and also with my cereal this morning. I am feeling fine so far so its looking good!

Day 3
Well I’ve had 3 days of whole milk – I haven’t overdone it only having it with drinks and cereal. My stools have been fine so thats good. However yesterday and today I felt quite bloated after the cereal. Yesterday evening my stomach was making some very load rumbling sounds with quite a lot of wind. So my conclusion is that cows milk is OK in limited amounts. I shall continue to use soya as my every day milk but if I’m somewhere else then I can have cows milk and know it isn’t going to cause a major reaction.

Its been worth finding this out. I wonder if semi skimmed or skimmed milk would be totally OK? I can’t be bothered to go testing them – theres so many other foods to introduce yet. Maybe one day I’ll test them out.

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