Coffee Beans and IBS

I don’t have a coffee percolator so I borrowed my friends (had a demonstration first!). So I had a cup this afternoon and I’m OK although I did have a slight bloated feeling afterwards. I have noticed this before with real coffee which is why I’m not that keen on it but its best to test it and see.

The dietitian says there is a lot more caffeine in coffee beans compared to instant coffee and caffeine is a stimulant and can cause problems for some IBS sufferers. I just noticed that the instant coffee I tried was decaffeinated – I hadn’t though of that. Well I guess I could try instant coffee that is caffeinated but it seems a waste of time I’d rather add some more real food!

Day 3
Well real coffee is no good for me! Stomach cramps, wind and very loose stools after 2 days. This isn’t a big disappointment for me as I’m not that keen on real coffee anyway but it could indicate a problem with caffeine and since chocolate has caffeine I may have a problem with chocalate – and that would be bad!
So its back to detox again……

Day 6
Still detoxing after the coffee bean reaction. However today I have had no more pains and stools are back to normal so I shall continue with my list tomorrow.
The next thing to add into my diet is plain chocolate! Yum yum.

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