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Cauliflower and IBS

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So I’m adding cauliflower today. Not too much and only the florets as the stalks are very fibrous and can cause problems for IBS sufferers. Only just found this out. So if you can’t eat brocoli or cauliflower and you eat the stalks it might be worth just having the florets instead.

Day 1
So today I added cauliflower – just the florets. I feel fine so far and I shall have some more tomorrow.

Day 3
I have had 2 days of eating cauliflower with no symptoms but this morning I got up and have already had 5 lots of  loose stools. Not feeling good. Maybe cauliflower is OK but in limited amounts. I shall have to detox now before adding the next item.

Day 4
I had to take an immodium this morning. I can’t believe the cauliflower did this. I did eat some oat cookies and maybe overdid it with them……… Anyway at least I know that I can have cauliflower just not 2 days in a row and not with too many oats!

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