Carrots and IBS

So this is what happened when I added carrots.

Day 1
I had a roast and made some gravy using yeast extract. A proper meal at last!! I really enjoyed it.
I have had a bit of a stomach ache this evening – nothing bad so maybe its just one of those things. See what happens tomorrow.

Day 2
Well, I didn’t feel that great this morning. Stomach ache and frequent trips to the loo. By midday it had calmed down so I had some more carrots for dinner. An hour after I had really bad diarrhea so I shall not have anymore. Need to do a detox for a few days until it clears up. I feel rather disappointed as I have only added 2 things and already come across a problem. Feeling fed up.

Talked to the dietitian and she said that carrots are one of the hardest vegetables to digest. She suggested waiting a while before adding any vegetable and that the best one to introduce first would be brocolli (well cooked) as it is very easy to digest. Wish I had known that sooner because I feel that I’m wasting time. I am going to have to wait a few days before adding anything else and I really want to add more variety into my diet.

You know, this is not easy but I keep telling myself it can only get better the more things I add.

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