Barley and IBS

I’ve detoxed for a few days and have had 2 full days with no twinges or anything so I’m now going to start adding barley. There is barley in rice krispies so I am trying that – wow my first breakfast cereal!

Barley contains gluten which is why coeliac can’t eat it but since I don’t have coeliac the gluten shouldn’t be a problem. Also I’ve added oats which contain gluten and although I can’t have too much oats it is fine in small amounts.

I love rice krispies! It filled me up much more than rice cakes and honey!

Day 3
Well 3 days of rice krispies for breakfast and I still feel fine. This means barley is OK and doesn’t cause any IBS symptoms. The next thing I’m going to add is cauliflower.

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