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Apologies, antibiotics and IBS

Well its been a long time since I last updated my blog. I’m sorry if anyone has been wondering whats going on. I was supposed to see the dietitian before christmas but the appointment got cancelled. Anyway I’m now seeing her in March.

Over Christmas and New Year I had a lot of family staying (9!) and it was quite a stressful time to be honest. Unfortunately I was ill and on antibiotics. Now a lot of people get an iffy stomach with antibiotics and I guess for IBS sufferers its probably worse. So after the New Year I was being really careful what I ate to try to get my bowel back in shape.

Then I went down with another infection and had to go an more antibiotics! The doctor says I’m run down – not surprised and so checked my iron levels. Well my ferritin levels are low again so I have to go back to a higher dose of iron tablets. All in all I’ve been feeling a bit miserable (and its freezing…..) so haven’t done any elimination diet at all.

Anyway today I thought I must update my blog and my stomach is feeling good finally so I think I shall continue with my list of foods. Let me get organised and I’ll be back.

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