Massage is used as a healing tool since it can relieve tension and improve circulation thus helping your body to eliminate toxins. Massage also relieves pain as it stimulates the release of our own bodys painkillers – endorphins. For those of us with irritable bowel syndrome just rubbing or massaging the abdominal area in a clockwise direction can be very soothing and help to ease spasms.

If you suffer with constipation then abdominal massage can help relieve the pain caused by it and also help to improve circulation and efficiency of your digestive system.

I use abdominal massage when I get a build up of wind. Not only does it ease the discomfort it helps get rid of the wind too. I can literally feel the gas move around my intestines as I massage the area. Just make sure you go in a clockwise direction as that is the natural flow around your large intestine. Another thing I do after an abdominal massage is to lie on one side for a few minutes and then on the other side and this also helps to move the gas along if not out!

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