I’m now going to add orange juice – just one glass a day. I don’t really like eating oranges so I’ll just try out the juice. The dietitian said that if orange is going to be a problem then having the juice would show up a reaction. I like orange marmalade so I’ll try that out too!

Well I had 2 days of orange juice with no symptoms. Unfortunately the third day was bad – diarrhea. I spoke to the dietitian and such a severe reaction on the third day is unlikely to be due to the orange juice so I am saying that orange juice is OK for me.

However my period started that third day and many female sufferers of IBS experience worse symptoms during their monthly period – these hormones seem to aggravate IBS.  My dietitian has suggested that I don’t add any new food during that time. I’ve been looking back through my diary and I might have to look at onions again as the reaction coincided with that time of the month.

So I’ll wait for everything to calm down again……

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