I have to add butter, yogurt, milk and cheese all separately because some people can tolerate specific dairy products. It’s all to do with the processes and how much the milk is fermented. Some products won’t have as much lactose as others so if you have a problem with lactose you might find bio yogurt or hard cheese OK because these have little lactose in them.

So today I start adding real butter – yum yum! I haven’t had butter for over a year as I was convinced dairy was a problem for me. It does make sense to try each dairy product separately so I’m hoping I might get a nice surprise!

It’s been very difficult finding margarine that is dairy free and vegetable oil free. The only one I found was Organic Pure but recently my local supermarket has stopped stocking it so I’ve had to ask my mum to get it from her local store. To be able to have butter would be really great.

Day 3
Yes! I have had 3 days with butter and no symptoms what so ever. This is great. Butter is now something I can have when previously I have avoided it. I’m already thinking of foods that I would like but haven’t had in ages. If wheat is OK and oats then I can have flap jacks, cakes, croissants…… I see light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow I shall add bacon!

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